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What is Nakamura Ryu Battodo?

The Nakamura Ryu school of swordsmanship was founded in 1952 by Taizaburo Nakamura, one of the greatest swordsmen of the modern era, a combat veteran, instructor of close combat and lifelong researcher of traditional swordsmanship. Like Miyamoto Musashi, he abhorred the artificial and impractical developments in many sword schools and sought to recreate a school of genuine combat swordsmanship.

The heart of the Nakamura school is Happogiri – the eight ways of cutting. Although several sets of kata (forms) are taught they are regarded as merely examples of possible scenarios. The goal is to attain a state of natural, spontaneous movement and instinctive handling of the sword through which one can utilise the eight basic techniques with complete freedom. The principles used to attain this goal are circular trajectory (enkeisen), correct and responsive handling of the sword (tenouchi) and natural footwork (shizen ni aruku shisei). Mastery of these allows one to transfer power from one movement into another and one cut into another.

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Fixed forms with set rhythms which embed in it many of the cutting and defensive techniques of Nakamura Ryu Battod



Two person forms involving an attacker and a counter attacker. This improves distance, timing, and awareness of ones opponents' intentions.


This tests cutting techniques on targets made of Japanese tatami omote to ensure correct cutting angle, power, and feedback. 




2505 Dunwin Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 1T1


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